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I want these, what fun.

Today I came across some erm, unusual stuffed toys.
Lets just say you won't find these at Toys R Us.

I'd like to introduce you to...

The Kissing Disease



Wait for it.


Whoever has a sick enough mind to come up with this sort of thing- I want to shake their hand. Who comes up with a stuffed toy resembling a disease?!

These are so amazingly unique and kooky. I love them! I'm very much considering buying them. Although, that might make me look like more of an insane person so if anyone wants to buy them for me, that would be more socially acceptable and less weird.

Available from ModCloth

Have you entered the Christmas/End of year giveaway yet?! More prizes to be announced :)


Kez said...

Hahaha, they sell these at my uni bookshop!! I loved them at first sight when I saw them. Hilarious and totally my sense of humour.
Glad you get a laugh out of them too :)

Miss Peregrin said...

These are the best! I could totally imagine cuddling up to these babies at night. I also want to meet the people who come up with these things!

Em said...

Haha I found Herpes on modcloth yesterday, who knew it was so cute!

Marie Tchibi said...

Hahahaha soo funny! It's perfect to give to husbands and boyfriends who loves a good and cute joke:)

Suzy said...

i want all of these, in bulk orders, to display on my bed for when i bring boys home (which i don't, but if i did):

"whoa, you like stuffed things huh?"

"yeah, and they're called herpes, mono, and anthrax. anyway let's get this show on the road. wait, where are you going?"