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The Twilight craze is decreasing the intelligence of the human race.

Twilight. You either love it or you hate it with a passion.

I hate it. I just don't see what the appeal in it is.

I got given the first Twilight book for Christmas from my father (who was unaware of the psychotic vampire wannabe teen cult that's taking place). I figured that since it was a gift, I should probably try and read it and then maybe form a proper reason to hate it.

So I read about 18 pages of it. 18 pages too long to know that it was absolute crap. But it's not really the poor writing or dialogue that I hate.

I hate the teenage kids that now *think* that they are vampires. The way some of these kids behave, it's like they've been in some brainwashing cult. Can they not distinguish the difference between real life and fantasy, Fact and fiction? No. They honestly believe that they drink blood, run around after midnight, can't go near garlic and that biting your girlfriend on the neck is perfectly normal social behaviour.

Now, I'm not saying that people can't enjoy books or film a step higher than usual, because we see Harry Potter fans dressing up for film premiere's and writing themselves fake letters from Hogwarts etc. But this seems to be a different type of fandom, an "all in good fun" type of behaviour. Not an "I'm going to kill you and drink your blood" type of fandom.

And as for the girls that are absolutely CONVINCED that Edward Cullen and themselves are destined to be together forever, seriously- do you have a brain stem? He's a fictional character! He's not real! It's almost exactly the same as the ones that are focused on making Robert Pattinson their boyfriend- he's a celebrity, probably about 8 years older than you are, and lets not forget the tiny detail that you two haven't actually met and probably never will meet.

It's getting to the point of being ridiculous. If you're so obsessed with blood being sucked out of your body, go donate blood to the Red Cross.

Where do you guys stand? Love it or hate it?


Tara said...

I've only read bits of the first book & I hate it with a PASSION! I read a news article the other day about some teenage girls that had gone up to Robert Pattison, after SCRATCHING a HOLE in their NECKS, and asking him to suck their blood. UM? If you can't tell the difference between an actor and a vampire I am seriously worried.
I do wonder if I would have thought this about Harry Potter if it had come out when I was 20 instead of when I was 11? It's a million times better than Twilight though :P

Liz.. said...

I love Twilight and i'm soooo sick of it's bashing - obviously lol. I am not childishly obsessed though - i do not want to marry edward nor Robert Pattinson and would never run around pretending i'm a vampire i simply enjoy the books, the films, the characters and the ideas well inside the lines of normality and surely there is nothing wrong with that.

Alexandra Jane said...

Um, I just came across your blog like, two seconds ago and I think I can firmly state that "I LOVE YOU!" Twilight is the lamest, unoriginal crap I have ever heard of. Our generation is falling prey to stupidity and fantasies that could never happen. I think that if people want to love vampires, they should love the original ones, like Dracula. I mean, he WAS the first vampire created in fiction. So let's stick with him and not Edward. I would pick Dracula over an old 17 year old anyways.
Love for freakin' always,
Alexandra Jane

Alex. said...

Ahaha, you're so funny and we both share the best name in the world :P

Your point about Dracula is SO true. My faith would be restored in humanity if I heard a 14 year old girl say "Dracula is so hot".

Thanks so much for your lovely comment. :) :) xx

Bloody Rox said...

couldn't think of an easier way to make millions

Katie said...

It does nothing for me

rileeeeey said...

i read all four books (the last one twice, because it was given to me as a present and didnt want to be rude)

i used to really like it, though now im quite tired of all this craze and crap that goes on *i <3 edward tshirts, anyone?*

the world needs something new to obsess over, now.


Alex. said...

That's an amazing photo! I'm changing the one on this article- that's hilarious.

Vita said...

I've read them all the first on was ok but the rest them was waiting around for something exciting to happen
haha you have to wait till the last book for a sex scene even then it's pretty shit sex scene
no idea about the movies the trailer looked like junk so I never saw them.
thats my 2 cents worth

Vita said...

oh and haha even more funny then 14 year olds falling in love with Count Dracula is them falling in love with nosferatu

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

but people have been 'pretending' to be real vampires for ages? there are serious cults around and everything? long long before twilight entered the picture.

i love my vampires and i get a little defense... and PISSED OFF. at all the people claiming they love vampires and the only thing they've ever seen or read is the twilight sagas. i dare them to take a look at some of my historical books about vampire myths and origins around the world and claim their love then.

Anonymous said...

I read Twilight when I was in year 10 (I've now just finished my first year of uni). I recognised then that Meyer is a shit writer (grammar, anyone?!) however I did fall into the story at 16 and the plot did appeal to me much the same as Rice's Vampire novels did. I laugh at the kids who think Edward Cullen is real though.

I watched the New Moon movie on the release date, and actually quite enjoyed it. No, it's not a great feat of the film world, but it did bring to life something in the plot that I thought was great when I was 15...


Ncc Tardis said...

Agreed with everything you said Alex
I was dragged to the first movie, and have no idea how I stayed awake, I think my constant laughing had something to do with it

Whilst I'll admit I don't understand the franchise 100%, I believe that by the end of it

Edward (who is pushing 100+ years old) ends up with Bella (who, whilst now a Vampire, its still only 20ish? years old)
and Jacob, our other allegedly handsome hero, falls in love with their BABY.

The sad thing? People laugh at me when I say I like TV shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek. fml / fm-generation.