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Trashy teen novels.

Does anyone remember the Sweet Valley books?

My entire youth involved reading them in every spare moment. (Maybe I still, on occasion, pick one up and have a read...)
I remember being in Kindergarten and reading Sweet Valley Kids, to Grades 1-6 reading Sweet Valley Twins and then Grades 7-12 reading Sweet Valley High. Apparently there's Sweet Valley University or something like that. Maybe I should start reading them when I begin my degree next year!

Anyway, there's talk of a Sweet Valley High movie being made. Diablo Cody ('Juno', 'Jennifer's Body') is allegedly writing the screenplay for the movie. I guarantee this film will probably be an absolute load of crap (because the books are). It will be awful much like The Spice Girls Movie- So horrid, cliche and lame that it's really good and will remain one of the best movies you've ever seen. Sooo, I'm pretty much really excited for the movie.

Off but still on topic, everyone has Twitter these days. Everyone from Ellen DeGeneres, to Kevin Rudd, to book publishing company 'Penguin' all follow, have followers and send out tweets. I thought the line would be drawn at companies having Twitter accounts to promote products but nope. Characters from Sweet Valley High such as Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield, Todd Wilkins, Bruce Patman, Lila Fowler and even one of the teachers from the school is on there! Whoever made these accounts clearly have far too much time on their hands. To be fair though, the tweets are sort of entertaining in a really lame way...

Bruce Patmansays:

Tip #1: Be incredibly rich. The authorities are much more forgiving of date rape when you can bribe them.
Tip #2: Driving a hot car attracts shallow women who are just ripe for the picking. (And remember, date rape in a shitty car is just rape.)

Elizabeth Wakefield says:

@brucepatman What's a hand job?
@LilaFowler Whatever Lila. You're just jealous because you have a father that's away all the time and a mother who doesn't love you.

If you've read the books, I promise you'll find these tweets entertaining.

I also just discovered that characters from The Babysitters Club series have Twitter accounts too and they tweet the people from Sweet Valley High! What the hell?! Seriously! Who is the person sitting at their laptop creating all these accounts for fictional characters? If you are them, please get in contact. :)

Did anyone else read Sweet Valley High or The Babysitters Club in their younger years? (Don't be afraid to admit that you still do!)


Five Foot Nothing said...

I have to admit this, but I was a devoted BSC fan when I was in year four and five. I dreamt of owning my club, but alas, no parent would dream of paying a 13 year old to baby sit their kids.

I still have some of their books sitting on my bookshelf. I was also a Goosebump and Animorphs fan too.

Kez said...

I used to have the BSC BOARD GAME!!!! I had so many of the books. All the holiday specials and everything!

I read ALL of the Sweet Valley series too. Not ALL of the books, but I definitely read books from each series - man I loved those fricking things.

Do you remember the sweet valley tv show? Loved that too...


Suzy said...

ha oh my i was so much more of a babysitters' club girl- probably because i was determined to have my own club. and i did! it lasted for one meeting!! oh, wait, then there was another one with my neighbor. that one got an actual job, i think. aww man i used to watch that movie All The Time- the one with larissa olaynik(sp?) and sissy spacek's daughter!

and i totally think this movie should be made- yes, i'm sick of re-makes and other unoriginal screenplays BUT this one won't take itself so seriously so bring it on, stripper-face!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i did a post on this a few weeks ago, im a HUGE SVH fan! i have pretty much every single book, in a box in the garage. wish i could putt them out on display!

im following jess wakefield on twitter heheh

Josette said...

Wow, they have Twitter?? Incredible.

I lived off Sweet Valley in my early teen years. :) Now not anymore.

I read a few books from The Babysitters Club too. There were so few that I had and I just read the same books over and over!