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engagement photography

It seems like a bit of a trend at the moment to get engagement photos taken.

Is this the normal thing to do when people get affianced? I never really knew that it was done until recently.

These photos were taken by Sloan Photographers and they are of Stacie + Geoff. Beautiful couple.

and because they're so lovely.. here's a few photographs from Stacie + Geoff's wedding

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Kez said...

Those are some beautiful shots! I think that it's really up to the couple (as opposed to social pressure) whether or not to have engagement photos taken.
Personally, the hubby and I couldn't afford them and the hubby is camera shy as it is so I decided to save his beauty in photographic form for the wedding day!

Suzy said...

holy smokes these are the only engagement photos that haven't made me gag.

i personally find this to be yet another exercise in yuppie vanity- god, those balloon ones make me crazy. why would you want your most intimate relationship to be exploited through a photography trend?

and, i agree with the girl above: i prefer my dudes a tad camera shy. few things irk me more than a guy who loves to have his photo taken.

Liz.. said...

wow that final picture is stunning, so so soooo beautiful

Coco said...

I am floored. Usually I can't stand wedding pics because they all look the same. But these are absolutely amazing. WOW. I can't get over it!!!!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i never knew it existed either! but the first set are beautiful. the first photo in particular. if it was something like this and none of those cheesy studio type photos, i'd be up for it, why not?! (if i had a fiance i mean hehe)

Five Foot Nothing said...

Those pictures are so pretty. Usually, I find wedding pictures to be corny - but this is gorgeous!

Miss Peregrin said...

Oh my gosh, those photos are totally gorgeous! I'm not really a big fan of wedding and engagment photos, but I think that's because usually they all look pretty much the same, just a different couple. These are really orginal though!

Fiona said...

These photos are gorgeous!