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the joys of retail.

I'm currently working in a fashion chain store in an attempt to save some dollars before beginning my journalism degree next year. Because I now work during the week and not just weekends, I am convinced that the lunatics hibernate on weekends and weekdays are their time to shine. Every day, the girls and I have some sort of amusement provided to us by a customer.

And the anecdote of today is...... We have these lipglosses in stock. The lipgloss tube is patterned with a black leopard print like design, like this

And between the spots, the plastic is clear so you can see the colour of the lipgloss underneath. Anyway so, these two women were poring over the lipgloss bowl and were like "ohhh look at these!".. 2 minutes later, one of them opened the tester and remarked in a rather disappointed fashion: "Oh. The pattern is only on the outside of the packaging and not part of the lipgloss.. I'm not buying it anymore."

Literally. WTF. 1. Why would you be silly enough to think we were selling leopard print lipgloss and 2. Why the HELL would you think wearing leopard print lipgloss would be vaguely attractive? ....

Okay, maybe this was only funny at the time..?


Kez said...

Oh geez - sometimes I am just astounded by peoples' thickness! Although I really shouldn't be by now!
I somehow don't think technology has created a lipgloss that can do that, somehow hahaha.

Miss Peregrin said...

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. And I completely agree, why would you want to wear leopard-print ligloss? I suppose it makes sense to them!

juliette said...

haha i love moments like these :)

Alex said...

Just so hilarious because, ok even if it came out of the tube in the print- as if it would stay like that when you squeeze it across your lips!! Ahahaha.