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lame, lame music. and we love it. don't deny it.

I know that I am not the only person in the world who groans loudly, displaying outward signs of annoyance when an old or very lame song comes on at a party, but secretly deep down inside, are actually enjoying the song very much... and know all the words to it... and have a dance routine made up for it...

Just do no one gets confused, when I say 'old music', I'm not referring to old awesome music like The Beatles or Michael Jackson or Fleetwood Mac etc etc. I am referring to old music as in old from like 8 years ago. I will bless you with such titles in a moment.

When I say lame music, it could just be music that falls under your radar of most hated music genre. For me, this is pop/mainstream music.

So dear friends, take a deep breath and confess to me all your dirty secret pleasures of the music world. Because I'm *so* nice. I'll list a couple of my own.

Boy Does Nothing -Alesha Dixon (Ok it's really catchy alright?! And I have a firm belief that this song should be used as an advertisment for dishwashing detergent.. think about it- it would *so* work!)

Pretty much anything by the Spice Girls

Shake It - Metro Station. (Yes, I am VERY embarassed to admit this.)

Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65

Candy - Aaron Carter

5,6,7,8 - Steps (My bootscootin' baby.. is driving me crazy.. Ok I don't actually like this song, but the list was so lame already, I just had to add this one in.)

Bring It All Back - S Club 7

I'm sure I'll think of more to come in the next few days, so I'll keep updating the list.
In the meantime though, do share your favourite crap songs with me! :)


Lauranie said...

Well...I am about 20 years older than I can think of ALOT of lame songs, but recent ones...hmmmm?
Missing..Everybody but the Girl
Who let the dogz out?
Barbi Girl, although secretly I LOVE THIS ONE!! :)
You know this list could go on and on...but things to do and all!!

juliette said...

oh gosh, my friends and i have a playlist made specifically for lame songs which we secretly are in love with. not only are there the songs you've mentioned but also songs like "Right Thurr by Chingy", and many a song by Fergie, Snoop Dogg, B2K, Justin Timberlake, etc.
i admit it, i do enjoy them so much it's horrendous.
i pin it down to the fact that i listen to such contrasting music usually that i need a break. and the breaks are just so, so fun!

p.s i updated my most adored blogs list! :)

Alex said...

aww yay, thank you :)
you're a sweetheart. x