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a crowd of people stood and stared...

It's not yet been 24 hours since my first post on 'shut up, vita' and I'm already writing another one for your reading pleasure (pain).

There's so much going on in this hectic world of ours, everyone is always so busy going places, doing things and it never seems to stop. I think that people should stop for a moment and remember that there's so much more to life than jobs, the GFC and business deals. Which brings me to (well that was an abomination of a segue, wasn't it?) these photographs I found. They're old and so simple. It makes you think that there was a time, which actually was not so long ago, when people were more relaxed about working, studying, family, friends and life. They're amazing photos, they all tell their own unique story and you wonder where those people are today and what became of them.

My favourite 5 are here, there's hundreds more on flickr, courtesy of

I would have loved to have posted about 385 more of these delightful photographs, but no one likes slow loading websites, especially slow loading websites which use up all your bandwidth.



Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I LOVE these photographs! So beautiful, and how 100% on-the-money you are.. (as usual).


Vita said...

I don't know about a more simple and relaxing time my great grandfather slept with a gun under his pillow during great depression haha